Saturday, January 24, 2015

Check In

My eyes are burning, so I will keep this relatively short. I am writing.

I am grateful to all of you who are reading. You are my silent cheering squad.  To me, that is the perfect kind. I don't like a lot of fanfare.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

An Ethereal Mind

I have really been working hard on my book lately. I almost feel like I'm living in two worlds simultaneously.  It's wonderful, besides exhausting at times. It is as if I am reading my own book for the very first time.  It is that feeling of driving with the top down, your hair whipping through the air, and the wind playing across your skin. That wonderful feeling of freedom and heaven and beauty.

It hasn't been easy. I've hit a few roadblocks with things, but finding ways around it have come and allowed me to side-step a difficult patch of story and focus on something different, allowing that snarl of imagination to slowly unravel itself.  It can be more fun than you think.

For some reason, Lawrence Fishbourne from The Matrix just popped into my head. "Free your mind," and then he jumps an impossible distance from one sky scraper to the next.  It is cheesy, I will admit, but it seems that if you let your subconscious and your conscious meet, speak, and reminisce, wonderful things can happen. Impossibilities can become realities, and you can write a book that will one day sit on a shelf among the greats, calling out to those who walk by. Someone will pick it up, take it home, and enter your mind, your impossibility, and will enjoy every moment of that journey.

Can you imagine?

If you can, you are further than you think. But don't simply imagine and dream. Do. Dreamers can be doers. The best dreamers are those who do. They are the reason we have come so far, and they are the reason why we have the ability to continue to dream.

I will get off my philosophical and wordy pedestal now.  I have some caverns of imagination still to travel.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cutting the Trail

I spent most of yesterday in the car for work.  I believe I drove a total of 6 hours in the car besides the work I had to do. So I decided to make the best of it, put in some inspiring music and write in my head.

There have been a few hurdles that I've needed to overcome in my book; some points of detail and important details that I've been mulling over for awhile.

Side note: pay attention while driving. I am in no way condoning writing a book in your head while driving. It is very distracting, especially once it gets dark.

Let's just say I made a lot of headway. I immersed myself so far into my book that details started revealing themselves.  Even long after I got home, and I began to fall asleep, further pieces of the puzzle kept falling into place. It was becoming so much so that I had to wake up a little and share it with my husband to keep from forgetting anything by the next morning.

It was an amazing and an amazingly draining experience!

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever dug deep into yourself, into a story you are creating and allowed yourself to just let go of reality and see where it takes you? It's an amazing experience and it allows your mind to truly allow your story, your world, your characters to come to life. Not to mention, it is unbelievably fun and invigorating to move giant Superman leaps forward.

It was such an amazing experience that I am in withdrawals today.  My body and mind are so tired from yesterday's events that I'm not sure if I should take time to do it again today.  Yet I am drawn to do it, very very much. So much that I am at constant battle with myself subconsciously, and likewise can't figure out anything else to do.

I think I'll give in and see where it takes me. Hopefully I don't get lost. :)